Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BIts n Bytes

This is why so many Australian Cattle Dog puppies find homes. Unfortunately, they are a very difficult dog to own for anyone who can't give them a job to do and hours of daily exercise. That's why all too many end up in shelters and kill facilities. Sad, so sad.

Geesh, sorry its been almost a week since I wrote. I've been a bad little blogger again. Up to my ears in writing projects, so when I'm at the computer I am engrossed in creating and editing several stories at once.

Backing up for a quick update in my world: Chili had a great agility class last Thursday night. Except for an annoying tendency of lunging at all the other dogs who got within leash reach, she executed the obstacles with alacrity, except for the tunnels. She still doesn't know what the heck she's supposed to do with tunnels. The jumps and table she did well. Even tackled the A-frame, although it was obvious that her comfort level wasn't entirely there. So, maybe she made a Labrador shriek when she bit its butt, the Australian Shepherd enjoyed the same nipping invitation to Cattle Dog games. When it came to the relay races, Chili was in her element. She won six times. I suffered from sore leg muscles for two days after from running with her across the field. Yes, I am that much out of shape.

Ginny, in advanced level, consistently nailed all the obstacles and jumps. Her concentration was really up and she enjoyed the relays too. Unfortunately, she was disqualified early on when paired against her pal Cody...who is half greyhound and has legs that go on for miles. This Thursday is the last class of the session.

We worked on Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival screening last Saturday during the day and partied Saturday night. Sunday, we dog parked with the Mutley Crew (Chili met another cattle dog!) and then went to the Maitland Art Festival, after that to the mall and dinner at The Elephant Bar, then finished at WallMart. Sort of an odd combination day but fun.

I cleaned house all day Monday. I'd like to say I won my unwilling battle with dust, but it's back already. How can I miss you dust, when you won't go away? Tonight, we enjoyed getting together with my cousin who's in town from NYC for a planned giving seminar and my Khoury kids and Laura and her guy Paul at a Turkish restaurant here in WP. Afterwards, we took Miss Margie to her hotel at WDW. I'll post a pix or two tomorrow.

So, that's it. My life, except for writing more of Charlotte's Dog and a story featuring vampires, fairies, witches, vampire hunters, fallen angels, Navajo gods, and a famous vampire hunter called What Happens In Vegas. Story is called that, not the vampire hunter. So, I'm tired. Its late. Give me a grammatical break.

I watched some of the 2nd Presidental Debate. Here's what I thought: both men are really good at the town hall format. Here's what I really honestly wish: that both men could actually work together. The one with most votes gets to be Pres and the other VP. Forget about 'What Do You Know Joe" and Sarah 'I'm just folks' Palin. A Republican and a Democrat on the same team working not for party glory and party power along party lines but as a team listening to and learning from each other for the good of All Americans. I really hate the Democrat and Republican party platform loyalty crap. All it does is blind people to the really important things. But, sigh, thats not how we do it in the USA. It looks like Danny and I will be voting on opposite sides, but I think either way it will be a step up from what we have now.

History will judge our current leader better than I, but it seems to me that his genius was in hiring really incompetent people in all positions. I can't imagine either candidate will do as poorly in that respect.

Ok, I'm through here. Ta.

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