Friday, February 13, 2009

"Ah Baby love, my baby love, been missing ya, oh oh miss kissin' ya... yeah baby whisper sweet nothings in my ear, oh don't turn away baby please cause I'll be least until we get to pre school." That Gavin, he's already a player and he's not even a year old yet. Still, when ya got it ya got it, right? So here's to baby love.

The rest of you, happy VD tomorrow. That's Valentines Day, boys and girls ladies and gents. Don't forget to buy something sweet for your sweetie and if you don't have a sweetie give yourself a hug and buy something for yourself. There's always next year. Love really does make the world go round and next year may be your year. And anyway my darlings, we'll always have chocolate.

Here on the home front, I've been buys doing...well...things...nothing exciting to report. Just real life stuff. Stuff like estate planning, and garage cleaning out, and writing workshop and haircuts and all the other normal tasks of daily life. Glad I am though to have my cold finally gone wherever colds go.

We enjoyed another Scottish evening last week end and the Mt Dora Art Festival and some beautiful sunny weather in the seventies and eighties again. Just the way February weather in Florida ought to be. This week end we look forward to a Valentines dinner at a favorite Turkish restaurant followed by a Shakespearean play. Sunday is my daughter Laura's baby shower. I had great fun over shopping for that event this past week as you might imagine! You can probably expect some shower photos to appear on my Flickr this week end.

Recently, I've had some positive comments on my book which gladdens my heart almost as much as if Cupid had nailed me with all the arrows in his little quiver. Granted there isn't generally a stampede by folks to buy poetry books. I'll never retire on my poetry earnings. I've heard lots of people say, "Oh, I never read poetry." But those dear brave souls who have bought and read Between The Lines thus far have offered much positive feedback. Comments like, "If this is what poetry is like, I'm going to read more!" Some like the funny poems, some the more sentimental ones but the main thing is that they like my poetry. So, maybe you should try it too. It might make a nice Valentines gift. Okay, self promotion over. At loeast it wasnt one of my rants!

Live long and prosper. Ta.

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Casey Marie said...

hahaha. oh my sweet baby boy. he truly is a player. He has no idea.