Friday, June 19, 2009

Homefront Update

Hiya Bloggers,

Here's some recent pictures of the grandchildren: Bailey, Gavin (with pal Cali), and Alex.

I've been silent awhile I know, with some legitimate excuse. Yes, I've been busy, but its also been so darn hot that I've been a bit on the lazy side as well. I have woken up with a sinus /pressure headache more days this month than I would like to remember and I admit to wasting way too much time playing on Facebook. (Wastebook?) I have become the queen of silly quizzes. But, in my own defense I am also planning a driving trip to Pennsylvania to place my mother's ashes in the grave in the little historical cemetery in the mountains as per her request. I am in the process of updating a 15 year old will, setting up a trust, and possibly most interestingly am climbing over my writing block to work on a project that's been sitting unfinished for several years.

I have been doing some fun stuff too: we took the Winnebago to Cocoa Beach last Sunday for example. We were able to park in the city lot on the beach right behind RonJon's mega store. Shopped Ron Jon's. Walked the very crowded beach for about an hour n a half, went in the 80 surf long enough to submerge self and worry about Jaws (for me that takes less than five minutes), then returned to the Parakeet to shower, don makeup and nicer clothes and go to our favorite Cocoa Beach restaurant, Silvestros, for truly amazing lentil and sausage soup and spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli.

At the beginning of the week I took daughter Laura, son-in-law Paul, and beautiful Baby Bailey Brown to lunch and then shopped for new baby clothes for BB and books for older brother PJ. Bailey is growing so quickly as babies do. She is three months old this week.

This week end we are getting Danny the new iPhone. He's been drooling over the idea all week. On Sunday, we plan to take Laura and family to Sea World. Upcoming: Baby Gavin's first birthday party on June 26 followed by our writing mentor's housewarming party the following day.

Random thoughts:

What is a four letter word that actually has more than four letters? DEVELOPER. People in Florida will get this.

The situation in Iran has made me think back to the 'revolution' of thirty years ago when the Shah was ousted and the Ayatollah took over. The major difference now is that back in 1979, the government forces could suppress the media. Now, technology has made that impossible. So, Twitter is validated as something more than a silly social indulgence. My thumbs up to those Iranians who line the streets and squares in protest of the phony election. In a country where you can be executed or simply shot for those actions they are especially courageous.

Must get back to my chores. Live long and prosper.

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