Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a Creature Feature

Abby and Ginny got ticks while we were walking in the Wekiva National Forest last week end. While on a tick hunt, I discovered a suspicious lump on Abby's flank. I took her to the vet on Monday and he said the lump was the kind that had to come off asap. He did a needle biopsy and sent the thing off to a lab and called on Wednesday to say there were some 'bad cells'. She had the lumpectomy on Friday. We're hoping for the best outcome since she is only six pushing seven. The vet hospital sent her home Friday night without an e-collar and dang if she didn't bite out three stitches as soon as the effects of surgery meds wore off. Saturday morning we took her back to the vet where he put in three staples and a grande e-collar. She hates the e-collar. We went to Petsmart and purchased a blow up soft collar for $34.00. She was happier with that...especially since she was still able to get at her wound. So it was back to the hard plastic e-collar until her stitches come out in another week and a half. We tried Bitter Apple spray on the wound too which unfortunately didn't stop her efforts at stitch and staple removal.

Meanwhile back at the homestead I bought a kitchen trash can that has a lockable 'dog proof' top. While walking Chili this morning, Dumpster Diva Ginny defeated the lock and ate some very old pistacio nuts. I called the vet who said they are not toxic. Insert deep sigh here. With the dogs, its is always something!

Chili is actually behaving herself at the moment. But, being a rascally cattle dog, its only a matter of time. As Danny says, the Australian Cattle Dog completely ruins (dominates) your life and endears itself to you at the same time.

The hot weather seems to be binging lots of unwanted critters to visit: Aside from the disgusting ticks, I've killed more flies, roaches, spiders, and earwigs recently than I'd like to see in a decade. Have encountered several (Or maybe the same one, who can tell?) black snakes prowling around the garage and front door this week as well. I hope that doesn't mean the ratons and ratoncitos are back.

Time to feed the Mutley Crew. Ta.

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