Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas

Hello dear Bloggers,
I hope your Christmas is merry and bright, you have lots of Who hash and roast beast, you get to rock around the Christmas tree, you don't shoot your eye out kid and cousin Eddie doesn't come and make your sewer explode. Here are two poems I wrote about Christmas a couple years back.


It won't be the same this Christmas

without a small mountain of your gifts

still sporting price tags of black and white.

We'll miss you shaking your head, saying,

“It doesn't seem like I bought enough this year.”

We'll miss the apple cider, cookies, and canine chews

the silly hats, your snowman pins, and Christmas sweaters.

It won't be the same this Christmas,

certainly not the same at all,

not without you repeating things half-heard around the dining table

nodding between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie, saying,

“I didn't just fall off a turnip truck, you know.”

This Christmas, we'll be without your stories

our history, we used to think

we'd maybe heard, just one time, too many

but now would like to hear again,

now that you can't be here to narrate.

“Remember this,” you'd say,

“remember, when I die dead.”

It won't be the same this Christmas

no, not the same at all.

This Christmas, we won't all be together,

not like before, or maybe ever again.

We will be merry and bright, though

unwrapping, feasting, laughing

as the old year slips away toward the new.

Should you look down from a flickering star

don't be fooled, not even for a minute.

We may pretend we don't notice your empty chair,

but we will notice, and remember.

We will miss you this Christmas.

Nancy Wayman Deutsch 2007

Christmas Is

Christ child's coming, bringing hope and grace

Holly and green mistletoe and joy on every face

Reindeer leading Santa's sleigh across a moonlit sky

Icy lanes and frozen ponds with skaters whizzing by

Singing songs and carols around a sparkling tree

Tapers glowing softly on gifts for you and me

Memories of Christmas past with those we wish were near

chuckling at fond anecdotes and brushing back a tear

Angels watching newborn babe and wise men from afar

Smiling in the silent night beneath a golden star.

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