Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello Bloggers. Ho, ho, ho, Holly Jolly...Christmas is only a few more days away now. I've had two successful parties: the first a dinner party for 60 Rollins College folks and the second a sit down dinner for twelve for Danny's birthday. The house has been decorated inside and out for several weeks. Mailed all the cards and letters. The gifts are all purchased and wrapped and placed under the too brightly lit tree in the living room bay window. Fa la la.

My food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners will be purchased tomorrow. Been to Sea World and ridden The Polar Express. Have eaten my way through multiple cartons of Egg Nog and Barnies White Christmas ice cream. La la la la.

Bought new cold weather clothes and laundered the old ones in preparation for our anticipated post Christmas RV trip north. I've stopped the paper for the trip days, alerted the neighbors, and will inform the police tomorrow. Chili's boarding is set. Is there anything I've forgotten? Ah yes, to pay the beginning of the month bills early so they won't be late when I return. My energy and cheer is coming back now that most of my December duties are done. The only hitch is the weather.

We'd planned a Western Georgia and North Carolina trip. Visiting family in Atlanta, then New Years in Asheville and a winter visit to Biltmore. But an unusual blizzard hit NC last weekend dumping 15 to 20 inches of snow and closing some mountain highways. More snow and freezing rain is expected. While I grew up in Western Pa and experienced many cold winters, I never learned to drive until after I moved to Florida. I've never driven on a mountain road in summer or winter. Dunno how to cope with icy road conditions. Ain't gonna learn this year folks.

So, at this point we just plan to go to Atlanta. Unless they get blizzards and ice storms there too. Then, might rethink the days off: south Florida or north Florida or Savannah. Who knows I may end up watching Avatar in an air conditioned theatre instead of running around Stone Mountain. Best laid plans are oft unravelled by Mother Nature. I'll keep ya posted. Meantime, have a Merry Christmas.

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Yay! Christmas tree! Laura