Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Heart Asheville

Images top to bottom: Street scene, Pac Square, Skyscraper, Thomas Wolfe house, Grove Park Resort, Groveland folk art gallery and sculptures

A Dozen Reasons Why I Really Like Asheville, North Carolina:

1. Smallish city easy to navigate by car or foot
2. Beautiful setting in Blue Ridge Mountains
3. extensive arts and crafts galleries and several shows
4. really good restaurants
5. proximity to Blue Ridge Parkway
6. very dog friendly city
7. friendly people
8. Biltmore
9. plants and terrain similar to Western Pennsylvania where I was from
10. history of area similar to my own Scots Irish history
11. walking and recreation areas next to French Broad River
12. seasonal change

But this kind of says it all: We were taking a Sunday afternoon walking tour of the downtown with Danny's Uncle Phillip when we heard music. We looked up to see a youngish man in a nun's habit on an antique bicycle. As he rode, he was singing along to the song Dominique on an ipod. He looked at us and waved, saying, "God Bless You My Children." He rang the bicycle bell and rode on, his nun's habit flapping in the sultry summer breeze. A thirty something woman walking a brindle pit bull on the opposite sidewalk waved and said to us, "Every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings." (Quote from Its A Wonderful Life film). I thought, this is MY kind of place!

Live long and prosper. More from the dragon's book next time.

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