Monday, September 27, 2010


Well boys and girls, life is interesting isn't it? I love the changes that come from being open to new experiences. Recently, I have reflected about how our needs and preferences, interests, likes and dislikes alter with our age and the various stages (or passages if you prefer) that we go through on our journey through our physical life.

I am now in what is probably the last quarter of my life and I am finding out what my grandparents knew: that material things eventually weigh one down. I am less and less interested in entertaining and in maintaining my home of fifteen years. The house is bigger than I need now with children long gone and small grandchildren that visit only a few times a year. It is overflowing with decades of my own possessions and my mother's things since her death several years ago. I want to de-clutterfy, discard, sell, give away, etc. I want to keep only what serves my current needs and pleasures. I am ready to downsize. Not to move into a condo or apartment since those come with rules and regulations like not having three dogs as well as a lack of the privacy I still crave.

So, I am thinking that I am ready to move on, even though my house is paid for. If the economy would only pick up enough to sell, I would like a smaller place as home base maybe in the country with enough land for the dogs and the capability to keep the motor home on site. With a well and a septic tank and place for a garden. Ya know, a mini homestead. Somewhere in Florida, coastal Georgia, or western NC. I would like to see as much of the country as possible in the RV. With the dogs. And my laptop to write more books as I go. If wishes were horses, that's what I'd do. Danny is drooling at the thought.

I might add another wish that someday we could travel almost full time...but that one has to be on the back burner. Long term wish. Cause, Danny still has to work. So, a job of some sort has to be a part of the near future wish. Done, wish, second part.

It all has to stay theoretical for now thanks to the worst economic situation since my parents were kids in the Great Depression of the past century. But, still its good to have something to wish for. In the meantime, I'm counting my many blessings, enjoying life as it is, and resolved to begin the de-clutterification process...tomorrow.

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