Saturday, December 13, 2008

On parties and bloody noses

Hey Bloggers,
Some pictures today from out Art Festival party Wednesday evening. First, me an Danny with our good friend and superb cookie maker, Camille. In the second with Art Festival Co-president Linda and her lovely daughter Katie. The last one is of course the required donkey ears picture.

My hostessing duties are over for this year, our personal Christmas party having happened last evening. It was friggin cold out...a real December night all right...but that was kinda good since it forced folks inside from their usual congregating poolside, so they finally got to see all my inside decorating efforts. Which are considerable. Beaming mom to be Laura and her Paul were immense help in setting up for the party and in bringing some extremely yummy dishes. Amy and Elias brought my cute lil grandson, the future Alex the pirate, for everyone to see. People enjoyed Alex. Alex did not enjoy people. The dogs proved to be popular in their garage hideway. If I'd known folks would want to go out there to see The Mutley Crew, I would have cleaned up better!! Oh well, 'tis done for another year. And it was great to see so many friends that I mean to see during the year and never quite get around to. Even if my hostessing doesn't let me talk long to anyone.

Tonight, if Danny's first ever hangover lifts in time, we have the Knights Templar Christmas party.

The only negative thing on my horizon (aside from all the $$$ gone from my retirement accounts thanks to the recession) is that I had two pretty scary nose bleeds last night. Out of nowhere for no discernable reason. I mean blood was gushing, dropping on the floor, soaking tissues, and scaring me half to death. For awhile I thought I might actually have to wake Amy up to take me to Emergency since Danny was snockered and couldn't drive. Finally the blood stopped, but I was afraid to fall asleep and stayed awake till three am. Then whenIi woke at seven thirty I was afraid to get up for fear the nosebleeds would start up again. My nose feels sore, like something is stuck in a nostril...but I will not blow it!!

As I recall, I used to get some pretty bad nosebleeds in the winters when I was a little kid in cold snowy Pennsylvania, but never since then. My Mommy knew just what to do. I miss her...once You are never too old to miss your mommy when you are not feeling well. But hopefully, it was just some freak thing last night and all will be chippero from here. Maybe...I'm just too old to do two big parties in one week...

Well, ta for now. have a great week end.

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