Thursday, December 18, 2008

This week in brief.

Hey Bloggers,

The pictures tonight are from Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island where we celebrated Danny's birthday last night. We ate spring rolls and pumpkin ravioli at Wolfgang Puck's and then shopped the shops and visited the Lego Dogs display (one of my favorites...go figure, eh?). The picture of me with the jeep vehicle is in front of a new place called T Rex that has a giant, uh, T Rex just inside the restaurant that swings its head back and forth. The eatery itself is a bit like Rainforest Cafe, but 'dino cool' and there is a dig your own fossils pit for the kiddies. Fun. Great place to take little Alex, Gavin, and Bailey in a few years! By the way, Danny wouldn't let me take his picture but he doesn't look any older than last week at this time.

I just have that one more elusive gift to find and then I am all ready for Christmas itself. Figured out (with a little advice from Palmer Electric) what went wrong with my outside holiday lighting display which is back, flashing merrily in all of its multicolored glory. Abby knocked over one of the smaller 4 ft. inside trees jumping at the window and now the lights won't work on that one. Arrgh! It was the dog ornaments tree. Appropriate, I guess. I have some spare light strings in the garage and I suppose, sigh, I can fix it. But I hate doing lights! Ah, the complexities of Christmas season.

It's so good to have all my parties done and cleaned up. I enjoy them, but they are a whole heck of a lot of work, before and after. Glad I am my little padawans, that I now have a whole year before doing parties again. I am getting a little tired of eating the leftover party food too, except for the cookies!

Well, it is almost Friday. Enjoy, silver bells, chestnuts roasting, holly jolly, let it snow someplace, wassail away me hearties for the year is drawing to a close. Ta for now.

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