Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Update and Beyond

Hey there Bloggers,

These photos are from Cocoa Beach last Friday. In the first, I am holding up the pier. In the second, Danny looks like he is waiting for something to a-pier. Notice that we are not dressed in swimming clothes: it was pretty cold by Florida standards so the only folks in the surf were the snowbirds. It was a great walk on the beach day though. After walking, we found a terrific Italian place to eat. Pricy but divine food, worth the hour drive alone.

Backing up a little, Thanksgiving itself was great fun at pal Cheri's house with good food, good friends and their families. We wrote down all the things we were thankful for in 2008 and read our offerings to the group after dinner. We also wrote down bad things we wanted to be rid of and put them in the belly of artist Cheri's handcrafted "Burning Man" and burned him in a back yard bonfire. I wrote down losing 50K of retirement investments to the dang blame recession and spiders in the garage.

Jumping forwards again, on Saturday, we holiday shopped all day at Ikea and Super Target. Just little old me, helping keep the economy afloat a little longer.

Sunday, we went to Sea World where we rode The Polar Express twice, visited the penguins, and caught the Pets Ahoy show. It rained buckets. We bought slickers and umbrellas and kept going.Then, we went home to decorate the house some more for you know what and watched the film The Polar Express.

It took me a solid week, taking time out for the big week end, but I have finished the interior decoration. I am soo tired. Sigh. Still have to do the outside lights and...yuck, yuck, yuck, clean up the porch/pool area for the parties next week. I am halfway through my card list, have printed out all the Christmas letters for out of towners, sent out all the party invitations, paid the first part of the month bills, ordered presents for the out of town relatives, and got started on Christmas shopping. And, it just turned December 3rd fifteen minutes ago. So, I guess I am on schedule.

Chili is sick again with yet another mystery illness that involves her peeing too much. Vet did tests yesterday with no definite results. The epilepsy meds may be making her drink too much. Its always something with Chili. Another rug bit the dust yesterday. Danny is suffering too, from another really bad gall bladder attack. But, he is soldiering on. Put an Ikea dresser for the 2nd guest room together for me tonight. Good Danny!

The first 50 copies of my new book, Between The Lines, came today. I opened the cover on the first one at the top of the stack and it was my cover on somebody else's book! I just about but not quite freaked. Checked all the others and they were fine. My words on the pages. Mistakes happen I guess. Gonna check with the publisher tomorrow.

I'm off to bed. Ta.

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