Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rhino viruses are the pits of misery. Dispite Vitamin C, Dayquil, zinc, Zycam, Vicks, saline spray and two days of bed rest I still feel pretty awful. The thing that has helped the most is good old fashioned chicken soup. And it tastes good too.

Before I got sick I enjoyed all the inauguration hoopla. It was hearwarming to see the obvious affection between the Obamas and I thought the new President was very, well, presidential. It is good to see a positive role model for young people in politics as well as a concerned caring committed father role model in a time of prevalent divorce and/or no marriage at all among the young. I liked his inaguaration speech too and the fact that since taking office last week he hasn't wasted any time in attempting to deliver on his pre election promises.

Some of you might remember that I was not an Obama supporter pre election. I was concerned about his inexperience compared to other candidates for the first office and completely turned off by the slavish drooling of the press concerning Mr Obama who touted him as if he was the Messiah come again. It was almost scary. But once he was elected I decided to give him a chance and think positive. I was pretty impressed by the organizational skills he demostrated from November until becoming the chief executive. I thought his cabinet choices were good. I'm still feeling good about him as President. Except for maybe one thing.

I do not agree with his speech to the Muslim leaders. Many Americans, myself included, would not term themselves as friends of Islam. I did not agree with the war in Iraq, although I do appreciate and support our troops, but I would never be a friend of anyone who either had a part in or approved of the events of 9-11. Not even on the sidelines. I am no friend of any Muslim who could speak out against such deeds and does not. I am no friend of fanactical terrorist groups or regimes or Imans who denigrate and oppress women. I think if Presdient Obama thinks that he can reason whith such fanatics he is somewhat naive. These people want to control the world and they don't care how they do it. Islam, as practiced today overseas, is not a religion of peace. So, good luck Mr. President, with the hand of friendship, but don't expect a rabid beast not to try to bite it off. If Islam wins, I will no longer be able to speak or write the sort of words as I have done in this blog. I am not extending my hand in friendship to Islam. Not until Islam proves itself a friend first and apologises for the atrocity of 9-11.

Its time for more cold medicine and another nap. Rant over.

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