Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A hug for self and a major pet peeve

Hi Bloggers,
First,the hug for self. This week so far I have written eight hours a day for three days solid and wrote quite a bit last week as well. My writers block has broken and I am being really productive folks! Maybe a third to halfway through my new book. A bit easier than usual since I actually know the entire plot basically, and so all I have to do is write it scene by scene and chapter by chapter. Brought in a couple of new characters including a were bear and two really nasty but funny mercenary soldiers that I am having fun with. Have expanded several characters from what were just walk on parts to major supporting roles. I am excited about this project. And its great waking up in the morning eager to get to the computer and do something besides play on Facebook and read email.

Now to the pet peeve. Danny and I got a bit lazy about taking the Parakeet to her storage berth last week due to her pre Pennsylvania trip service schedule and Danny's work schedule and wanting to use her for Gavin's party over the week end and my mania for writing. She was in the driveway for four and a half days which is longer than she'd ever been parked there before. One of my unfriendly neighbors who apparently was offended at the sight of a 23 foot Winnebago in tip top condition in plain sight complained to another neighbor who is on several city boards apparentlythinking he was on Code Enforcement. He told the neighbor who was not courteous or perhaps courageous to talk to me herself that he wasn't on Code Enforcement but when she threatened to call them volunteered to talk to me. Which he very politely did. I said I'd be more conscientious about adhering to city code which is one twenty four hour period per week...never mind that many of my neighbors park big boats in front of their houses every week end...but as you might imagine I was frakkin mad.

Disappointed that a neighbor would threaten complain to the city without ever giving me a chance to make it right. Disgusted that whoever it was hid behind somebody else. And angry that since don't know who it was I now suspect every neighbor I see as an enemy and most are certainly innocent. That's just wrong. The incident was unnecessary.

I certainly have better sense than to park an RV full time in my driveway in a city full of self entitled contentious my city of Winter park certainly is. They fight about everything from local elections, to light rail, to building and zoning, to dog parks. But, I thought my own neighbors were a notch above the newly rich and the newly rich wannabees that have taken over our town in the last few years. Thought they were a little looser and more real. Most probably are. Only takes one rotten apple as they say but....

Here's a poem for the neighbor who hides in the shadows and tries to cause trouble for others. Psst! You may think you are all that but you are not. Eat dirt and die.


My curse on you my enemy.

I hope you get what’s due.

May you choke upon a Snickers Bar.

Come down with deadly flu.

Go eat a raw cheeseburger,

then suffer from ‘mad cow’.

I wish for you the direst fate

that Heaven will allow.

Perhaps you’ll trip on something

and falling, hurt your back.

While dining out in public

suffer from a gas attack.

I hope you gain a hundred pounds.

Your face droops with lines and sags.

The pants you bought don’t fit you.

You’re forced to dress in rags.

Too bad you got the chicken pox.

Your spouse wants a divorce.

A shame to lose your credit cards

when someone steals your purse.

At your twentieth reunion

you hear somebody say,

“They really ought to tell her,

not to wear her hair that way!”

If you think I sound a little mean

in wishing you bad luck,

just remember all your evil deeds

and then eat dirt you….


The rest of you, live long and prosper!

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