Monday, July 27, 2009


Hello Bloggers,
I am posting from my new Apple laptop which is a thing of beauty and a major upgrade from my little 13 inch Mac g4 of six years ago. Poor little laptop seemed to get slower with age and my frustration regarding trying to work on my current book project (The Adventures of Mungo Tim) on the road for ten days with a geriatric laptop impelled me to get a new one. Since I haven't actually bought a computer in six years, I figured it was okay to spend the big bucks on a Mac. And big bucks it was, too.

( My desktop is very fast and was free since Danny custom made it from donated computers and parts and I use Linux on it.) I love the new silver glossy screen widescreen Mac with the keyboard that lights up and it is fast. I know I'm going to enjoy working on the book while Danny drives the RV to Pennsylvania on our trip next week.

I've been very busy behaving like I am going to the moon where nothing will be available should I forget anything, which is my usual pre travel mode. I don't travel easily or often. My last commercial air flight was in 1995 for example which was the last actual trip of more than a week end!

Weird, I know. I don't like airports, hotels, or driving a car. I hate really long airplane flights and I get seasick. I hate programmed tours. So, I save a lot of money by not going anywhere. I am happy with all of Orlando's theme parks and the nearby beaches. And, since I don't work I can't really justify a vacation. I am looking forward to seeing Pennsylvania again after so many decades though (since college) and driving through the mountains. Will be cool to show Danny where I came from, too.

Since as I mentioned before, Danny's sister is coming to Florida for ten days and will stay at the house with Chili, so at least I don't have to nuts out about Chili having to be boarded. I cleaned out three closets and scrubbed the refrigerator so Robin won't be too grossed out by my haphazard housekeeping. So far, I have resisted reorganizing the garage and straightening the pots and pans drawers!

So thats it. Now you know I am a little eccentric if you didn't already know it. I will Blog on the road and post lots of pictures. TTFN.

Ginny and Abby are going with us on the road, so I feel safe from highwaymen and Sasquatch!

PS I just read my previous post and realized that this is pretty repetitive. Sorry. I didn't remember posting anything since the 4th of July which just shows that I have been preoccupied. I'll do something more interesting soon, I promise!

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