Thursday, November 6, 2008

early november update

Hey y'all,

Well, the election is over (thank God). No more annoying robo calls and endless mailings full of
half truths and outright falsehoods. As you probably figured out, I wasn't an Obamite. I voted for McCain. But, now I believe that everyone should fully get behind President Elect Obama and give him a chance to...hopefully...succeed or even fail without any of that political partisan crappola.

I am sorry the dawgs lost so dramatically to Florida tho...not the first time a dog has been eaten by an alligator I guess. Even big dogs get eaten. Speaking of dogs...real ones that is...I fully approve of the new first family getting a puppy for their daughters. All kids should have a dog. It would be really nice and a good example if the Obamas would adopt a shelter dog. Plenty of full bred dogs as well as mixed breeds to choose from and saving a life is important.

Speaking again on dogs did you like the funny pictures of Ginny yawning? How bout them choppers! The other pictures are Alex and daddy on halloween and Auntie Laura, Uncle Paul and Alex the same night. Speaking of Laura and Paul, its going to be a baby girl!! Just what they wanted, too. So, look for baby Bailey Lynne Brown to appear around Easter bunny time.

One more news byte. My book edits are done, corrections approved, cover approved, book in production. With luck, Between The Lines will be available for your Christmas gift purchase. Buy it, make an author smile. More bout that later. Ta for now.

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