Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well tomorrow is the official stuff yourself silly day. We got started early today at my house. Since the kids couldn't come on Thanksgiving proper this year, I prepared a "Thanksgiving Eve" turkey dinner with all the fattening trimmings and Laura made a pumpkin cheesecake and homemade bread. When Danny got home from work, Laura, her guy Paul, Danny and I sat down to feast with drooling dogs arranged on the floor around the dining room table. Afterwards, we groaned a whole lot. The dogs munched on leftovers. The only slightly weird thing was that I had to start decorating early for Christmas since I am having two parties in early December. So, we ate on a table set with turkey stuff next to a Christmas tree with a chandelier bedecked with cranberries over our heads.

On Thanksgiving day, after watching the Macy's parade, dog walking, and addressing Christmas cards (my TD tradition), Danny and I are going to our friends Cheri and Carl's house for yet another yummy feast with their family and our friends from California and their kids.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Wonderful friends, wonderful children and grandchildren,
wonderful Danny, good health, a paid off house, finishing another book, dogs to cuddle up with on cold nights, sunshine and blue skies, chocolate, and a nearby Ikea store.

God bless us every one.

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