Friday, November 21, 2008

this week in my world

Well boys n girls, Thanksgiving is almost here. The food in my fridge purchased for the day is already singing a drool song. We're celebrating a day early on Wednesday with Laura and her guy since he has to work two shifts on Thursday. Then on the official day, we are joining good friends for a feast with their families. Yummy fun!

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated on American soil was not at Plymouth in 1620 but in St. Augustine in 1565? Of course, the Spanish settlers probably did not have turkey! It was President Abraham Lincoln who declared it an official national holiday in 1863 and suggested a date of the 3rd Thursday in November. I don't know what Honest Abe ate that first official Thanksgiving either. Benjamin Franklin supposedly suggested the wild turkey as our official national bird in lieu of the eagle. Speaking of wild turkeys, they can fly. They actually fly well. Some folks think they can fly after consuming the bird's namesake brew. They do not fly well. Our domestic turkey birds, raised for food, are too heavy to fly. So very American. Fat and unfit.

Okay, enough Thanksgiving trivia. My book, Between The Lines, is done, title is live, and I have received my author's proof copy! I am proud of self. That's two books in two years. A short story collection and a poetry collection. Danny says, "Next one novel." I do have one in progress about a girl in 1960s West Virginia and her dog.

Tomorrow, Danny's mom and sister Robin come for their annual fall visit. We're taking them to the St Andrews Night Scottish celebration and dinner and to Festival of Trees at Orlando Museum of Art.

I spent the earlier part of the week reclaiming my original home office-- later home gym and turning it into an official 2nd guest room. I was determined that Robin would sleep in a real bed instead of a blow up one next to a weight machine. Since the existing guest room is very "Laura Ashley" girly I did the other room in more masculine New England sea motif using my real baby grandson Alex as my imaginary grown up boy resident inspiration. Okay, yeah, I did help with one Designer Show house too many fund raisers a couple years back and I do watch alot of HGTV. We put the home gym in the garage. Takes up half of the space. Since Danny is a former trainer, it is a very professional set up. I should use it more! Especially after Thanksgiving.

Don't tell, but I'm getting an itch to go to Ikea again. I haven't had an Ikea 'fix' in two weeks. I want to buy buy buy...and I want some more meatballs! It is my duty to do my part to keep the economy afloat. In a responsible Swedish socialist way of course.

I'm starting the Christmas decorating next week since I have two parties to do in early December. I can't wait to dig into the boxes (all 14 mostly large) and get started. Its interesting thinking that last year at this time Amy was still pregnant, baby Gavin wasnt born either, and Laura was separated but not yet divorced. We were still getting over the death of my mother and I had not yet sold her house or paid off mine. America was sliding into a recession but we still hoped to avoid it. We thought maybe Hillary would be President. So many changes.

Well, ta, I'm off to do...something...maybe I'll remember when I leave the room what it was!

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