Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here's two pictures of little me to compare to my mother's childhood photo.

It's six pm and I just got up about an hour ago. A massive migraine laid me low in my bed all day, curled up with Ginny, Chili, and sometimes Abby. I was just about to walk the patient pooches when a big bad weather system began dumping tons of rain accompanied by tornado warnings. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow will be better. So, I'll hunker down with ice cream and a book and wait for Danny to swim home from IT class.

Actually, I'm not surprised that a migraine hit me today. I tend to get them as an aftermath of extreme emotion. Especially suppressed extreme emotion. Finally listing Mother's house was hard. All along, no matter how illogical it sounds, I felt like I was updating and and cleaning and prettifying her house for Mother's benefit. Like when it was all done she'd come home from wherever she's been and I'd say, "Look what I did for you!" And she'd happily move back in and live happily ever after. Of course, my rational mind knew better, but rational minds don't trigger headaches. Stress does.

In any event, the house is now on the MLS list, #04829735. Signs are being delivered tomorrow and the first open house is this week end. A Realtor visited it today, previewing for a client, and another called about it. We're off to a good start in a bad market. We'll see.

Live long and prosper.

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Jamie said...

Looking at the top photo, I find myself asking, "proof of what?"

But then, childhood is proof enough of a reason to exist. Children prove that breath is a miracle; a suckle, a mesmerizing feat; a new tooth, a shift in paradigm; a lost tooth, a reason for the fairies to come out!

Congratulations, Wayworm, on the child you once were and the new one in your world!