Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mama's house, bits and bytes

Hello Bloggers,
This is where I've been since Super bowl Sunday, at my late mother's former house, trying to get the last necessary projects done prior to finally officially putting it on the sales market...after dragging my feet for six whole months. Partly, I haven't been really emotionally ready to potentially let it go, to deal with the clearing out, going through more of her papers and throwing out more of her stuff, etc. With the market so far down in the toilet, it didn't seem like there was much hurry to attempt to sell in any case. I'd also hoped that by now, things would be looking up with the economy and real estate market...but as everybody knows that isn't happening any time soon. So, while there's slim chance of selling, without a listing there's no chance at all so it is time to do what little I can. I've lost the Homestead Exemption in any case and the estate is soon to settle. So, as of next Monday when it will be listed on the internet with a sign in the yard, what's done is done, for six months. It's in the hands of my patient with me Realtor friend and God. At least this time I won't be showing the house myself or living it it while its on the market, so my miserable seven months of 2007 won't be relived. I won't be concerned or even know when folks look at it or have to hear their comments. Just go over to dust and vaccuum every so often.

After lifting boxes and moving furniture and scrubbing floors and cleaning out closets for three solid days, there just isn't a muscle in my body that does not ache. Big time. My allergic condition is in overdrive from dust, too. But, the house will be ready by Sunday as promised. In fact, Danny and I got so much done today that if tomorrow is a nice weather day we may just go to Universal. We haven't been since Christmas and our passes run out next month. Gotta ride Spidey and Mummy's Revenge while we still can!

I can't believe Baby Alex will be a month old in three days! He'll be ready for Kindergarten before we know it...I hope to get over to see him over the week end and take some updated pics.

Ginny's foot is nearly healed but poor Chilidog has suffered some setbacks. She three legged it from last Friday through Monday and had another bad epileptic seizure on Monday night. Lost bladder control and all. Upon reflection, we've decided that she isn't in good enough shape for agility training. We're going to start Ginny instead. That could be a real adventure or a disaster. We'll see, come February 14th.

How 'bout that Super Tuesday? Do you think that by early March, Mitt Romney could ace out the May Tag repairman as the loneliest guy in town?

I experienced cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crumbles at Marble Slab Creamery tonight after picking up some computer stuff for Free Geek. Divine, absolutely divine. Next time, I'll add some strawberries, too. Incredible stuff, ice cream.

Live long and prosper.

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