Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Jack Sparrow, Baby Alex and the dastardly cookie nappers

Yo ho ho ho, a pirates life for me... I bought the third Pirates of the Caribbean DVD and watched the film again with great delight. Nobody does pirate like Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush! What fun! I wish they'd make a forth installment. I'd be willing to watch Cap'n Jack and Hector Barbossa search for the Fountain of Youth and struggle for possession of the Black Pearl. Like to see Will Turner freed from having to be eternal captain of the Dutchman and returned to his lady love more than once every ten years. The un-dead monkey is kinda growing on me, too.

Danny and I went over to Amy and Elias's house this afternoon to visit with Mum and Dad and Alex The Pirate to be...Baby Alex is a month old now and scarfing down formula like a... ...well...pirate after stolen booty. He's already weighing in at a healthy ten pounds and is getting the cute widdle rolls of flesh Amy also had as a tot. His eyes are still blue, too. He's not really a fussy baby either. Danny says he's just waving his fingers around in the third picture, but I think he's pointing to the stuffed dragonfly in his musical cradle swing. After all, pirate lads are smart, right? Just think of Captain Jack and Will Turner.

After visiting with the Khourys we stopped in at Lowe's for six bags of river rocks and some more hanging plants to spruce up my mother's house for tomorrow's real estate open house. After finishing up at the other house, we decided to go home for supper. Upon entry, what to our wondering eyes did appear in the kitchen, but garbage devastation. Yes, Ginny had once more knocked over the big silver can full of garbagey goodies including last night's raw ground turkey package and the remnants of Thursdays lunch from Chick-Fil-A. But to make matters much much worse, she...or possibly Chili the climbing Cattledog...had gotten a hold of the big plastic covered plate still containing about a third of my giant chocolate chip Valentine cookie. I know, whoever was the thief or ringleader in the operation, they all participated in the feast.

Said cookie was consumed down to the last crumb and the plate was shiny licked clean. So clean you could see your face in it. For those of you in the know, anything containing chocolate is very seriously bad for dogs. Enough chocolate will kill them. Fortunately, the cookie only had chocolate chips and they're all pretty big dogs. Also, raw poultry and raw poultry "juice" is quite likely to be full of nasty bacteria and possibly salmonella. Especially some on a package sitting for a day in the garbage unrefrigerated. So, we may have some barfing dogs tonight. Somebody is already farting.

And darnit, I wanted to eat the rest of that cookie.

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