Thursday, February 28, 2008

Danny Gets Official IT guy title

Tonight is out first agility class with Ginny. Danny will be the one primarily working with her which is good since I had a rare virtually sleepless night and all of a sudden fatigue has hit me like a Mack truck. I'm trying not to take a nap which will put me back in the 'I'm not sleepy zone' later tonight.

Newsflash: Danny got the IT job he wanted at UCF! It's Monday-Friday 8 to 5 so he won't be spending the same amount of time with me as we grew used to when he was a Personal Trainer and/or going to school full time at VCC. No more late nights and late mornings for him or going to theme parks during the week . In fact, on school nights, I won't see him from early morning till ten at night. Wow. We'll be back to phone calls and text messages. Just like 'normal' folks. While I will miss hangin' with the Dano, I am very excited for him. A real IT job is part of what he's been going to school for these past several years, and the fact that it is at UCF where he's going to be finishing his degree come September is way way cool...and convenient. Bravo Danny.

Postscript: Ginny did very well at her first agility class. She worked hard and tried to please. Her group worked on obedience commands for the first half and on the tunnel and jump for the second. She, like all the other untrained beginner dogs was a bit confused. She whimpered for the first twenty minutes of obedience--all the while doing pretty good sit stays and downs and weaving around the other seated dogs in the ring. At one point she slipped her collar and came running to me and tried to climb up on my lap. But once she got to the agility part, she had fun. She didn't object to familiarity from the other dogs but got a little scared by one of the trainers when the woman suddenly moved in too close to Ginny's face for her comfort. Ginny went straight up in the air and backwards like shot from a cannon. But she whizzed over the 'baby' jumps. 'Hoolas don't consider anything under four feet as a jumping challenge with five or six preferred! We're looking forwards to next week. Chow.

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