Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nuthin much again

Here's a fun photo of a canine energy conservationist from the CURS website.

Hello boys n girls,

Haven't blogged for awhile for no particular good reason. Call me an energy conservationist, too. Whatever.

Catchin' up on my world: we had an interesting time in dog class last Thursday evening. Danny was having a gall bladder flare up attack, so I had to work with both dogs: Chili in beginner's class and Ginny in intermediate. Chili surprisingly, worked really hard and behaved perfectly. Did all the obedience things as if she'd been practicing all along (which she hasn't since puppy class). No lunging at other dogs. No rolling cages that night. Which was good since it was rainy and the field was a mud pit. Ginny was a wild child for the first twenty minutes, running off the field and all around the fenced area greeting people and other dogs and getting in everybody's way. She didn't seem to think she had to work for me as Danny's sub, but after misbehaving on the A-frame and tunnels, she settled down to do the sea saw and weave poles perfectly.

Friday evening we went to Bahama Breeze for our favorite Ahi tuna and Margarita chicken dishes followed by a trip to the mall and Barnes and Noble. Saturday we stayed home all afternoon reading (me) and doin' stuff with computers (Danny) while waiting for the handyman to finally install the new kitchen cabinet doors and frame for the family room shutters. By the time he arrived and finished it was after six pm! So much for Saturday.

Sunday, after walking the three poochies, we went to Sea World which was fun even though the temperature was in the mid nineties and like Dorothy's witch I was literally melting. Apres park, we chilled out and had fajitas at Don Pablos.

Monday we had another writer's workshop after work. I wrote a piece about bugs at an AA meeting. Really.

So that's it folks. That's why I haven't blogged. Ain't nuthin much to blog about!! I'm too weary of politics to rant...and yes, I do have investments with AIG. Don't want to talk or think about that. I almost forgot to pay my quarterly taxes on Monday. Don't want to think or talk about that either. So, I'm gonna go to bed.

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