Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hello Bloggers,
The first photo today is an aerial photo of a friends house out in Seminole County that borders Lake Harney. The photo shows what Tropical Storm Faye did to the area. In normal times, you approach the front of their house down a long country driveway and view the lake at the back edge of their property several hundred feet away from the edge of their pool. The last time we were there, we saw eagles and deer in the back pasture and their horse was grazing nearby. Now, and the water has gone down several feet, their house is a sandbagged island. The front drive and part of the house flooded and waves came over the pool wall immediately after Faye. They got to the front door in a bass boat. Still do. And yes, there are gators in the driveway. These are brave hardy folks and we hope all goes back to normal very soon!!!

The second photo is Baby Alex at eight months. I was a lucky lady on Thursday: I got to go to visit Alex and Amy and take them shopping for new stuff for Alex. We bought him lotsa new duds. a Gators ball cap (to match Mom and Dads'), some books and a soft side baby "laptop" toy. Fun!! Then Laura and fiancee came over for dinner and went to watch us work the poochies at dog agility class. Both daughters and grandson in one day! Whoo hoo.

Friday, I was suffering from what I will call "tummy troubles" but managed to get a short haircut and eagerly await delivery of some recovered furniture. Then, dinner at PF Changs after a protective dose of Pepto Bismol. Friday night is ethnic food night. We don't mess with that tradition no how. If its Friday, its Mexican, Itlaian,Chinese, or Greek. Saturday, we had a meeting for Free Geek, then went to (as Danny calls it) that good Swedish socialist store Ikea to buy some new bookcases with glass doors for the home office/library. We bought seven tall bookcases and today Danny is engaged in bookcase assembly. My lovely job will be to remove the books from the old cases, dust, and alphabetical order for fiction and by subject for reference. A big job!!!

My roof is still leaking a bit but the roofers have promised to come Wednesday (at last!) for repairs. I have my fingers crossed on this one.

Thats all the news on the homefront. Happy autums. Pumpkin Day is coming.

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