Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Much ado about Sarah

Hello boys and girls,

Wouldn't the Republican Convention have been about as interesting as...well...a political meeting or a golf tournament or watching paint dry without John McCain's choice of running mate? I watched the great Democratic Love Fest Spectacle last week almost to the very end (I was just too saturated by too much crowd adulation and Hollywood glitz to make it through Obama's speech without barfing) and since I suffered through most of the donkeys braying I thought I'd give the elephant boys equal time to trumpet. Well, Hurricane Gustav changed their plans a bit and not much was happening on CNN or Fox or the other slightly less partisan stations like MSNBC. But, wow, the selection of Sarah Palin by John "Maverick" McCain sure gave everybody lots to talk, squawk, sputter, shriek, criticize, praise, and conjecture. All of a sudden, there was electricity in the air.

I'd wondered, at the close of the Democratic Convention, which was only a little less of a slickly produced spectacular than Nero's Colosseum Offerings or the China Olympics opener what the Republicans were going to be able to do with less money to spend, less high voltage help from the Hollywood and the Political Superstar folks, and the Bush burnout. Well, luckily for McCain, GW and Darth Cheney were otherwise occupied and the Sarah buzz was all that was needed. As far as the show, somebody opted to 'keep it simple stupid'. Good move.

Suddenly the Demos' overblown four nights of media slobbering and fireworks and slavering courtiers...uh Senator Obama's feet reminds me a little of the couture gowned King and Queen partying at Versailles while the downtrodden people of Paris cry out for bread. "Bread, why my countrymen, we shall reduce your taxes while raising our own. You will be able to afford cake...and then who will need bread?! And we shall give you more government programs and control in your lives so you won't have to take personal responsibility." Vive le Democrats? Cie bon. Same old same old.

Like Sarah or don't like Sarah. She is, depending on the station and the reporter, either the media darling (Barry who? Joe who?) or a pariah. But, Sarah is news. Big news. Everybody everywhere is talking about her and her unmarried pregnant daughter and her special needs baby and her moose burgers and Alaska ways. She's young, a looker, different. Definitely not the usual Washington politician. Or Republican. Or the usual Democrat. Pretty much the most interesting Republican in a long long time. (Sorry John. You are a genuine hero but you have been around for awhile).

And how 'bout that Joe Lieberman and his speech? One thing is for sure, this election of 2008 is turning out to be very exciting. And no matter how it plays out, it is and will be history making in ways that we have not seen before. Glass ceiling broken or racial barriers falling...who knows what will happen.

I hope folks let up on the pregnant girl and the pro family values mother, though. Remember the Biblical story about the one who is without sin casting the first stone? Besides, its not smart to pick on a woman who knows how to shoot, dress, and cook a moose.


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