Thursday, September 25, 2008

lets put a dog in the White House

Getting tired of politics? Maybe we should put a corgi in the executive mansion. After all, corgis know how to make things happen in a group. They're great organizers, don't take no bull 'till the cows come home, either. Run on hyper drive, don't miss a detail. Get along with folks on the other side o f the aisle? Sure, as long as they get in line pretty quick. Just a thought.

By the way, Barak Obama doesn't have a dog. John McCain has several. Call it my own personal prejudice, but I don't trust people who don't have dogs. So there. People with dogs can cope with messes, and chaos and aren't too picky. They are more open. In my experience, people who don't like dogs are often too fussy and preoccupied with their appearance and clothes and brocade furniture. Not casting any hard biscuits here, just a personal observation.

Well, on another note, I am glad to see that John McCain is putting his country first, suspending campaigning and postponing the first debate with Barry Obama in favor of returning to Washington to meet with the current President and bipartisan committee politicos concerning the very monumentally serious National financial crisis and proposed bail out. Once again, John McCain is being the maverick a lot of folks admire. In my humble opinion, Senators McCain and Obama need to be on the Senate floor to vote for solutions instead of out there in middle America wooing voters. Though Mr Obama seems to feel his campaign and first debate is more important. I was most disappointed to hear Obama's response to McCain's call to return to Washington. He all but snorted in derision on CNN and said in tones of condescension that a president has to deal with more than one thing, not just rush off to handle every (implied little) problem. He suggested the two candidates issue a joint press statement?!! Wow, that would be impressive non-action wouldn't it? Mr Obama proposes change in his smooth campaign speeches. But what specific kinds of change? In my mind, I can imagine can his mental wheels and gears turning. Uh...lets talk about that...and solutions....uh...they'll be under discussion in a future...uh press statement. Just as soon as I figure out what people want to hear to make them feel good about me. Excuse me, gotta run and talk to my advisers and speech writers. Got an expensive fund raiser in Hollywood tonight, too. I wonder if this smile looks perfectly genuine?

You go, Barry. Sometimes, experience and proven character, and proven commitment do count. Like now. Ta.

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