Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Bloggers,
Achoo!! I am writing from the current pollen capital of the USA...where the oak whatcha-majiggys are drifting to the roadways along with the leaves. Everything that didn't die from our recent freaky winter freezes is blooming. Achoo! I'm trying not to rub my reddened eyes, my nose alternately congests and drips, my skin itches, and I'm popping Benedryl and Actifed. The pollen comes into the house on my clothes, my hair, and the dogs wear it in their fur. Its even in my bed.

To escape this misery, Danny and I went to Cocoa Beach yesterday. It was divine. Sunny and just warm enough, ocean breezes, no tree pollen anywhere. We felt better instantly, more energized, and away from the ever more gloomy state of the Recession reports on TV and in the print media. We walked along the beach for two hours, toesies in the cold surf and watched the first wave of collegiate and high school spring breakers enjoying the watery breakers. Obviously most of these folks are from the North. I don't go in water that's colder than 82 degrees! Bike Week over in Daytona was ending and there were some motorcycle afficionados on their way south enjoying dinner and drinks in the old timey tacky seafood restaurant next to the famous Ron John's Surf Shop where we had our supper post walk. We overheard the couples sitting adjacent to us say they were from Ontario and Texas.

After supper and a quick peek inside Ron Johns, we walked back down to the beach to enjoy the sound of the surf and the almost full moon hanging like a lantern over the ocean. Then, home to sneeze again. Still, the first day of Daylight Savings Time was practically perfect and made me grateful to live in a place where it is so easy to take a day's mini vacation: thirty or forty minutes to a world famous theme park and an hour to the beach!

On the Homefront: only a few more weeks now until Laura's baby is due to arrive, Amy and Elias are working hard to get their new 7-11 store running at peak efficiencey, and Baby Alex got bit by another toddler in daycare. Ginny and Danny start Level Three training in Dog Agility class this week (Postponned last week), and I am working again on a novel I abandoned two years ago in frustration. I am still hoping that the pollen drop will be over before I have to walk all day with the Judges in the Art Festival on March 20th. I completed my tax prep and mailed it to the accountant on Thursday last. That was amonumental job again this year thanks to my mother's estate settling last May.

On an ironic note: I spent ten minutes and a lot more than 180 characters telling Danny what a shallow, superficial waste of time Twitter is. Stupid name, too. Then, I happily wasted ten minutes on Facebook and fifteen more minutes playing the Yeti Penquin Toss game on my desktop PC.

Live long and prosper.

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