Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a week

Yesterday, it was 82 degrees outside and sunny. Today, it's in the 50's and dropping fast, windy and stormy. Winter's back but the oak pollen is still falling like snow up nawth, dang it. Achoo! It was an interesting week, though.

As you can see from the pictures above, Danny is now a Knight's Templar. Yes, all you DaVinci Code and National Treasure fans out there, the Knights are still around. These days, of course, they don't physically battle Muslims in the Holy Land. In the 21st century such tasks are undertaken by Army, Air Force, Coast Guard personnel. The Templars do, however exemplify Christian ideals and raise money for various charities (the local priory helps the local Veteran's Hospital) and give financial aid to the Christians in the Middle East. Membership is by invitation. Most of the Knights are or were military men, but not all. This week end was a Knights Conference ( 2009 Vernal Convent) and included an investiture for three postulants as well as a banquet after. Danny had a vigil on Friday evening and was tested on required study regarding the Templar's illustrious history prior to being knighted. He is now a Chevalier of The Holy Rood Priory of The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Jerusalem. Hail, Sir Daniel, caped crusader.

On another front, we were excited that Danny and Ginny graduated from level Two Agility and are now beginning Level Three Dog Agility training Tuesday evenings. They make a great team!

Daughter Laura is feeling better and is out of the hospital on bed rest for the last several weeks of pregnancy. We're expecting little Miss Bailey Lynne Brown to arrive around the 3rd week of the month. Can't wait to buy her an Easter bunny...

Younger daughter, Amy and husband Elias opened their very own 7-11 franchise store on Friday morning. I got a free donut and coffee as payback for getting organized and cleaned up early to offer congrats in person. Mornings are not my best time and coffee helps.

Its getting dark as night out and its not even lunch time yet...creepy...maybe a movie day at home for us. No walks for the doggies. Live long and prosper. Ta.

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