Thursday, March 26, 2009

This and That

Here's a couple more pix of newborn Bailey Brown. She went home with Mommy n Daddy on Tuesday and all is well.

Agility class on Tuesday did not go well. The trainer said the group was going to spend the evening doing something called "Snookers" and that the course set up was a Masters Level. Don't ask me what that means. Even after several explanations, I still didn't understand. Neither did Danny or the other three humans new to Level Three. Since the humans were confused, their dogs had no idea what to do either. One of the rules of the Snookers thing seemed to be that if you or your dog made any kind of mistake, you left the field. So, as you might expect, Ginny got precious little exercise and had no fun and Danny was very very discouraged. Most of the class have been in Level Three for awhile and I got the idea that most if not all of them regularly enter agility trails so they all understood and had bunches of fun.

Danny and Ginny didn't learn anything from the Snookers game and I suspect aren't looking forward to the next class if this week is any indication of what's ahead. Danny's mellow was definitely harshened and Ginny could sense his dejection and was dejected herself.

The other thing I personally don't like about this class is that the people competing for titles with their dogs spend anywhere from ten to twenty minutes or more all talking about what shows they did since the last class and what their points were and ranks etc. before actually getting to work with the dogs. They call it a brag session. I don't get the reason for this. On a busy work night I would think it would be better to get right to work training and leave the brags for the email group messages. But what do I know? I'm not training the dog and will never be in a trial with her. I'm just there to watch her fly over the jumps and do the tunnels, etc. So, I get bored waiting.

The week has flown past on pollen particles. Weather is the seventies and eighties but the oak pollen is so thick on my pool screen that I can't see the sky. Achoo! March is almost gone and the Easter Bunny's gearing up. So is the evil Income Tax fairy who wants some more of my Recession money. Frakkin' fairy!

Ta for now. Thought for the day: In between meals I hate myself.

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