Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raining babies and real life update

It's pouring rain outside my window. My poolside patio is doing its monsoonal flooding which hopefully the French drains will soon take care of. We are supposed to be in dog agility class right now, but of course, it was canceled due to the you know what. We need the you know what so I am not complaining.

As you know, its also been raining babies in our world lately! So, I thought I'd post some more pictures of the cute little ones. The first picture is fourteen month old Alex Khoury intently watching his first Orlando Magic football game. In the next picture, nine month old Gavin Scott is having fun in his bouncer contraption. Picture number three shows our new little princess, Bailey Lynne Brown, about one week ago when she was just a day old. In picture four, Alex meets his new cousin and in the last Gavin does a Kewpie doll imitation in the bath. Of course, I may not be totally objective but I think they are all adorable.

On the Home front: I am happy to say that thanks to Jamie Morris and her writing workshop for providing inspiration, I am again working on my YA novel and several short stories. I am also gathering information in hopes of purchasing a vehicle that will enable us to do some auto traveling with the dogs since we have a real aversion to traveling without them. (even Chili) This has been interesting if somewhat time consuming.

Here's a weird confession: I have had an extreme aversion towards flying in commercial airplanes ever since 9-11. Somehow the events of that day intertwined with flying in my head (even if that is totally illogical) and I just can't make myself do it. Not for fun anyway. So, I'm earthbound.

Tomorrow, we have a wrap up and planning meeting for the art festival and I am really curious as to how we did financially since it was mobbed all weekend with about 350,000,00 art lovers. Yes, we really do start planning for next year right after a festival closes! This one was the 51st WPSAF and my 12th on the board although I volunteered for several years before joining.

Thought for pondering: The bee may have honey in its mouth but it has a stinger in its tail.

Live long and prosper my little Patawans.

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