Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recipe from the Heartland

Classic Recipes From the Heartland, Volume 2009

“All American Out-of-Luck Tuesday Supper”

Garbage salad:

Carefully coat one large bankers bowl with polyunsaturated bailout oil

Add :

one well washed and shredded head of Iceberg CEO

two well hardboiled credit card company eggs, sliced

one and one half cups of diced HMO tomatoes, over ripe

one quarter cups of sliced really green mortgager olives

one well chopped carrot of hope

a large sweet Obama onion, cored and partially peeled

three small burped carmaker cucumbers, bruised, scraped and sliced.

Mix well, add Common Market croutons and baked Chinese almonds on loan to taste and toss with

Pelosi's Says-a-Me Special Senate oil and vinegar dressing.

Bring on the Pork Tenderloin:

Rub one very large pork tenderloin with Arabian overpriced oil, bi-partisan broken promises pepper and a pinch of Alternate Energy salt, and marinate for one congressional session in New York Exchange stock boiled down to almost nothing. Overbake at 375 degrees in your oven as long as you can stand the heat in the kitchen.

Serve with lots of liberal and conservative gravy, mashed Idaho entitlements, and green has bean mortgage brokers, billionaire bendover buns easily obtained at any Super market, and as many bottles of red-blooded American whine as it takes.

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