Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Georgia week end update

We went to Charlotte's house in Atlanta last week end in the Winnebago with Ginny and Abby for a gathering of the Thompson/Allen clan in honor of Danny's grandmother's 90th birthday.

Helen Erwin Allen is a soft spoken and gentle southern lady, a sharp as a tack member of what really was and is The Greatest Generation; the mother of four, grandmother of ten, great grandmother of seven. As a young woman during WWII, Helen worked on the building of The Enola Gay, the bomber that dropped bombs on Hiroshima and effectively ended the war with Japan in the Pacific.

Getting to Atlanta was a miserable misadventure involving being stranded on the highway with a double tire blowout you can read about on out Nan Nan and Dan Dan Blog. Being there was great. On the grueling way home (nine hours) we encountered a storm, an incredible double rainbow that I swear probably did lead to a leprechaun and a pot of gold somewhere in the Georgia hills, a micro-burst that closed I-75, one bad accident, and a weird Stephen King like mist. We arrived home at three am. We won't drive that long in one stretch again willingly. It took a whole day to recover.

Ginny and Abby were great travelers and Chili was safe at the vet's boarding kennel.


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