Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trivial Pursuits

Wow, I read a couple of interesting things this week.

First, did you know there is some sort of fly in South America that is the natural enemy of fire ants? This creature stings the ant, injects it's egg into the ant on the back of it's...uh neck...and the larva eats the ant's brain so it becomes a Zombie ant and runs around witless for two weeks until its head drops off. Sort of Alien Versus Predator, eh? Since fire ants are such a problem in Texas, they're importing and releasing some of the kamikaze flies. Somehow, I see some future problems here. And maybe a movie of the week.

Second, did you know that monks actually found Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur (aka Caliban) buried near Glastonbury, England (aka Avalon) in the 1180's? King Henry II (Plantagenet) sent it as a gift to the King of Sicily, his son-in-law. True to swords of legend, it went missing again some years later and has never been recovered, although there are some stories that place it near Mt Etna. Hear that, Indiana Jones?

On the home front: Chili has learned how to unzip Danny's back pack and remove any leftover food he's forgotten and left in there. So who needs hands and thumbs, anyway? She hasn't as yet realized she has to dispose of the ripped up sandwich bags or tell tale crumbs on the floor, though. Dog intelligence does apparently have its limits. Or, she doesn't really give a rat's ass.

I closed the finger that took the worst damage in the recent dog fight fiasco in a door Tuesday night. It was almost healed. Now, its all cut up again and hurts like heck.That proves that human intelligence really does have its limits. Mine anyway.

I would complain about the long dismal stretch of rainy weather we've had this week, but why bother? Like life, it is what it is. At least the grass is really green. So what if my hair is turning green, too. Just kidding.

I finally saw and enjoyed Star Trek. Kirk and Spock et all live again. It was a hoot. I figured i was the last person in America who hadn't read Twilight. So I did. Yep, that Stephanie Meyer can write a dandy book. I get the hype now. I had a hard time putting it down.


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