Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Days, celebrating young and young at heart

Here's a picture of the group at Charlotte's house in Atlanta, assembled on Mother's Day to celebrate (Danny's grandmother) Helen Ervin Allen's 90th birthday. From left to right, front: Karen Davis, Hannah Davis, Helen Allen, Linda Chandler holding Lexi Thompson, Nancy Deutsch holding Ben Thompson, Robin Thompson. 2nd row: Phillip Allen, Mia Allen, Janet Worley, Julia Allen, Danny Thompson. 3rd row: Dagmar Allen, Nicole Dorsey Thompson, Karen Worley, Charlotte Thompson. Back row: AL Worley, David Chandler, Mark Thompson, Alex Allen. Missing from photo: Ryan Allen, Kevin Worley and Karen's husband, Mr Davis, whose first name has fallen through the holes in my memory. Brian, Andy , and Katie Thompson also dropped by but were too late for the photo.

The Allen/Thompson/Worley/Chandler/Davis reunion was great fun for all. Robin made it all happen and flow smoothly. Thank you, Robin.

On the home front, we enjoyed a belated Mother's Day supper at daughter Laura's house on Friday past with Laura and her family and Amy and her family. The middle picture is Laura and Paul's little baby Bailey Lynn who is almost two months old and her cute big brother PJ Brown. The top picture is a recent shot of Amy, Elias, and the I can walk now and your troubles are just starting toddler, Alexi Paul.

Danny and I went to Gainesville the following Saturday for a day trip to celebrate the adoption of Bree and Jonathan, ages three and four respectfully, by friends Josh and Jenna Miller. Another fun day, another happy occasion, and more burgers on the grill to wreck our diets. We took Chili this time in the Winnebago and left the other dogs at home. Chili traveled beautifully and the two hour and fifteen minute trip each way was a piece of cake compared to the nearly nine hour trek up and back to Charlotte's.

It has rained all night and all day today and the grass in the front yard is turning emerald green. Unfortunately, so is the water in the pool outside my office window. The dogs are not happy campers. They can't or won't go out for a walk. I am shrugging my shoulders. We need the rain badly, so I don't care if I don't get much outdoor exercise for a day or so. I'm going to see Star Trek tonight with a big bucket of popcorn and Danny.

Ta. Live long and prosper my little Klingons and Romulans.

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