Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach disaster day

Here are some pictures of what may turn out to be Chili's only trip to the beach. We'd hoped to go see Baby Gavin in Lakeland this weekend but that didn't pan out. I thought of going to Sea World in the Winnebago, riding all the super wet water stuff that I generally won't ride and then getting into dry clothes in the RV. We also wanted to see Wolverine which had just opened locally. But, the media was fussing about possible Swine FLu and so we decided not to go where crowds might be. "Let's go back to Flagler Beach", said I. "Open air and sea breezes will be healthier. And we'll cook in the RV instead of going out for dinner. We can take Chili and see how she travels Maybe the ocean will help with her allergies too." This is the point at which if you were in a movie theater watching something by Stephen King you'd say, "Oh no!! Don't go!!"

But, we went. It was in the script. Started out ok. Until I made lunch just after we arrived and parked in our cozy camp spot by the sea. For some reason, Chili decided that on the RV all food was hers and launched herself at Ginny and Abby who were just coming in the door from their arrival pee walk. We fortunately broke the dogs up without any damage to either Ginny or Chili. Abby just stayed out of the way. But, there was unresolved tension that erupted suddenly down on the beach...a forty minute walk away from the campsite. Ginny ran off too far too fast after a bird and Danny called her back. As she neared us at full speed Chili suddenly launched at Ginny's face and the fight was on. If it had been Abby, she would have simply knocked Chili over with a body block and that would have been that. But, Ginny grabbed Chili by the cheek and held on. To make a horror tale shorter, Danny and I finally managed to break Ginny's hold for a moment, I pulled Chili back...and she relaunched! Fortunately Danny yanked Ginny back, we leashed them and walked back at a safe distance from each other.

During the fight, I fell into the ocean. I was carrying a beach bag...with my year old Canon digital camera in it. The good news is that the ocean washed a lot of the blood away from my wounds. The bad news is that it ruined my camera.

The wounds came from sticking my hands in Ginny's mouth and trying to pry her locked jaws open. Yeah, yeah, I know better. But when two fighting dogs are unevenly matched and one is too stupid or too much Dingo to submit, ya do what ya gotta do. I dripped blood the whole forty minutes back. Today I have to type with only two fingers. But, I've had worse.

Well, we had to go home. That was obvious. No overnight at the beach this week end. Oh, and it got better...or worse...depending on one's point of view. Just after I got us mostly cleaned up, Abby threw up all over the interior of the RV. Trust me, you do not need any more details on this.

So, today, I did what any sore, wounded, disappointed, stressed woman would do: I went to IKea to buy a pine headboard and footboard that matched the dresser and nightstand in the guest room that I bought before Christmas. But, remember, this is a cursed weekend: IKea has discontinued the line. No pine beds. Not in the store or online. I give up. Should have taken my chances with the flu. The odds were better. Go ahead, let Monday come.

PS1. On Monday, I have to take Chili to the vet for the neck wound we found last night. I probably need stitches myself but I don't do doctor's office visits for self.

PS2. The ocean did help Chili's allergies. While we were there, she was symptom free. Back in Orlando, she is biting and scratching her skin incessantly.

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