Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dog Blog

Tonight, I've gone to the dogs. Okay, that's not really very different than any other night I guess, but I thought it was a cute lead in for the blog. So here's my report from Dogtown.

Ginny went to the vet today. Verdict: she slit her front right paw metatarsal pad on glass. Stitches are not possible. She has to wear a boot at all times, is on antibiotics, and is not allowed to do her daily walks (ie squirrel chases and tree climbing). No dog park runs for four weeks. Ginny is sad. Ginny doesn't feel good either.

My back yard backs up to a road that some people like to speed along at night. Especially after drinking. Sometimes, they throw bottles and trash over my six foot high wooden fence and concrete wall. I don't aways notice stuff in the semi jungle of the yard. Ginny must have encountered a glass shard during her fence perimeter runs. I'd like to hit the frelling creep who threw the bottle in my yard over the head with what's left of it! Would if i knew who it was, too.

Alas, beloved ball Greenie is no more. (Picture number one). Chili loved it to pieces. Literally.

Chili is starting dog agility classes in two weeks. Should be fun! ACDs are generally very well suited to agility and it will be a good energy outlet for her. Maybe help moderate her rascalness a little. Maybe not. She has mastered the pantry door opening technique. She ripped into a bag of Sun Chips and a box of Triskets while we were out. That's an Australian Cattle Dog for you. No rules, just right, mate.

My cousin sent me the dog video. It is guaranteed to make you smile.


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