Monday, January 7, 2008


Greetings bloggers. Here's Ginny all bundled up in one of my office chairs. She hates being cold. A true snugglehund.

One week of the new year is over. 51 to go. So far, I've kept my only 2008 resolution: I have increased my physical exercise. I worked out once and did Yoga three times last week and did 45 minutes of Yoga today. All in addition to our daily one hour walks. Alas, I'm still covered with excess flesh. Oh, well, 51 weeks to go. Weight can be lost. Muscles can be regained. Exercise just has to become a habit again.

Danny and I reluctantly took down the big Christmas tree today, I straightened the garage as much as possible, and we put the tree and ornaments away. That makes it official: Christmas 2007 is totally over. It was a good one.

2007 was not such a great year though for me between the frustrating and discouraging first seven months spent fruitlessly trying and hoping to sell the house and my mother's sudden death in May.

In fact, 2007 wasn't such a good year for most folks. I can sum it up in a few words. Global Warming causing dangerous weather, Iraq, national Real Estate meltdown, foreclosures, high price of oil, insurance debacle, debates over illegal immigration, credit card debt... and the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room that nobody wants to admit they see but we all know is lurking in the corner... recession. Maybe the upcoming election will make things better in the USA in the near future. Maybe not. I agree with Barak Obama though, that it is time for change. I agree with Ron Paul that it has to be the right sort of change. The sort of change that makes things better not worse. Here's hoping.

My two personal high points of 2007 were finishing and publishing my book and awaiting the upcoming birth of my grandson, Alex. Alex, for those of you who want to know, is scheduled to make his first public appearance on or about January 10th. That's two more days. Soon, I will be 'Nan Nan'.

Tonight I made a pot roast. It was tasty too. I rarely cook anything much more involved than a stir fry or baked chicken breast with salad anymore, but the checker at Publix accidentally put a big chuck roast in my bag the week before Christmas. So, when life gives you meat, you make pot roast, right? Anyway, Nan Nans should make pot roasts. And cookies and cakes. It's a rule someplace. Mine made turkey and home made ice cream, but its the same concept. Comfort food.

I tried to start the new year out responsibly last week. I called my mother's lawyer to check on the estate settlement progress. I packed up some more stuff at her house. I called the handyman regarding finishing the repairs there. I called the insurance lady about setting up my HSA account. I contacted the financial advisor with a whole list of questions. Nobody was in their office last week. I left messages. Thus far, nobody has returned my calls. 2008 is starting out just like 2007. In frustration. Insert rueful laugh here.

Live long and prosper.

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