Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On this day in history and other things

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I got tired of watching CNN's New Hampshire Primary coverage and found these two images on AOL's weird news UPI site. I like to consider myself a writer. I can do a thousand words on each picture easy. But I'll keep it shorter. The first is from Korea and shows cats that actually glow in the dark. More mad scientist genetic tinkering that has questionable moral and limited practical use.

Now if you grow tired of buying batteries for your flashlights or broke your favorite night light by knocking it out of the outlet when you threw the ball for the thousandth time in five minutes for your Australian Cattle Dog, maybe getting yourself a glow in the dark feline would be okay. But, then you'd have to carry the darn cat with you everywhere you went in the dark. Useful during power outages maybe. Inconvenient otherwise. Imagine if you got mice or rats in the house. Poor cat couldn't exactly sneak up on the rodents in the dark. Course, a glow in the dark cat might come in handy if The Mummy breaks in. You could see him with the lights off before he grabs you. Just be sure you have the white cat in your arms though. Old bandage boy is afraid of white cats. Dunno why. Just written into the script that way I guess.

The second picture is from Poland and shows a bunch of Santa Clauses (St Nicholases) in front of an upside down house. Do you suppose little Stanislaus Stopinski asked for a new house for Christmas? Maybe it rolled off an overloaded sled and landed upside down. How many Santas does it take to turn an upside down alpine house right side up? I dunno, do you?

Okay, now for some quasi serious stuff. On this day in history:
1794: President George Washington okayed adding two stars and two stripes to our flag in honor of Vermont and Kentucky joining the Union.
A bunch of people died, among them American composer Stephen Foster at age 37 (1864), Irish writer James Joyce at age 58, and American Vice President Hubert Humphrey at age 66.
A bunch of celebrities were born, among them movie heartthrob Orlando Bloom (31), Julia Louis Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame (47), and hunky Patrick Dempsey (42) of Gray's Anatomy.
The Off Broadway hit musical play, The Fantasticks, closed after an original run of 42 years and 17,162 performances.

On the subject of the elections and primaries: I get the people's and politico's concerns regarding the dismal state of the American economy, the war in Iraq, taxes, global warming, affordable energy, and health care. If I were President, I'd work to eliminate income taxes and institute a fair tax, end our military presence in Iraq, fix all the house foreclosures and unfair banking and credit practices, institute affordable universal health care, and find alternative energy sources to oil. With luck, a hundred years in office, and good folks working for me, I might actually achieve those things.

But, what I really don't get is the issue of illegal aliens. What are people so afraid of?

Okay, maybe we should 'fix' the so called broken borders, although I hate to see a Great Wall of China scenario across the Southwest. Admittedly, we have to try to keep the Islamic terrorists and drug guys out. But, why not let in all Mexican immigrants without criminal records who want to move here in the gates? Issue them temporary work visas and ID cards. They come here, as our ancestors did, because they want a better life for themselves and their children. They'd rather come in openly than sneak in-- if they only could.

Why don't we abolish quotas? Just a suggestion...like in the good old days when my folks came in from Scotland, England and Germany. We could actually become the land of the free again. Let's say we let our guest workers apply for citizenship after a year-- or go home. If they work, study English, and pay taxes and are able to pass the written citizenship test then they can be legal Americans after a predetermined' good faith' time. If they serve in our military they get fast tracked. Anyone already here illegally who wants to stay pays a fine and works for citizenship. Call that amnesty, I don't care. Anyone born here is an American no matter what status the parents had.

From listening to the media and politicians, I gather my views regarding Mexico are in the minority. I am liberal about that, but I admit to some current prejudice regarding Muslims in general. The militant middle eastern Jihadists have me nervous about having Muslim neighbors. Sad but true. Seems like, unlike our Catholic Mexican neighbors to the south, the Muslims seek world political and religious domination. The Mexicans just want a better life. Want to be part of our country, not destroy it. Seems like the Muslims are saying, "Don't agree with Mohammed and we put you to the sword." Women in particular seem to be particularly detested in Muslim culture. Judging by the way they're treated as second class citizens, dominated by men at every turn. I wish personally knew some free thinking kindly Muslims that would help me change my way of thinking, but I don't. So, for now, in that respect at least, I remain unenlightened.

Yes, I think we should get out of their countries. They don't welcome our kind of democracy. We should leave them alone. They should leave us alone too, though. Separate but equal. No war. Everybody playing well together. On that note, I'm glad I'm not President. I dunno why Hillary and Barak and Mitt and Mike and John one and two want it. Crappy job, that. Running countries.

Live long and prosper.

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