Monday, January 28, 2008

week end update, on this date, winter woes

Hello bloggers,

Ginny and Abby actually do nap in these positions. Cute aren't they?

As for me, I got dem ole winter woes. Pity me.

I grew up in western Pennsylvania in the shadow of the Allegheny Mountains where it gets bone chillin' cold in the winter months, so you'd think I could deal with winter. But, I don't want to! I've lived in Florida for enough decades that I can no longer feel comfortable when the thermometer drops below 68...with seventy five being preferred comfort level. No rain, sunshine preferred 365 days annually.

Now, I know its January. Winter. Nasty pretty much everywhere. But when its cold outside in subtropical Central Florida, I can only say UGH. It's been wet, overcast, windy and chillin' here for the worst part of a week and I find myself wrapped up in wooley throws and sweatshirts and socks, running a space heater at night and burrowing under two blankets, two quilts, and two of the dogs. What's worse is that I don't want to do anything. Except nap, eat cookies, and read books. I read three books since last Wednesday and lost count of the naps and cookies. I haven't done laundry or cleaned house. Piles of lazy Nancy clutter are everywhere around the house. I have to force myself even to walk the dogs. I might as well just join the bears and hibernate.

At least today, its sunny and cold. That helps a little.

We did manage to do some interesting thing over the last few days, though, despite my torpor. On Thursday afternoon we went to the newish Ikea store west of town which was awesome. Especially the displays of 500 square foot and 250 square foot complete living areas. Swedish ingenuity at its best. I bought a baby storage thingy for Alex's future toys, a leather desk chair, and some Swedish cookies. On Friday night we went to a welcome home party for "Big Alex" (Amy's father-in-law) who returned safe and sound from a year of working in Iraq. Saturday we went to a Robert Burns birthday dinner (249th birthday) sponsored by the St Andrews Society. As promised, I skipped the haggis.

Tomorrow is Primary voting day in Florida. I'm too tired to comment on politics today except to say that I'm a registered Republican and I'm voting for John McCain despite the fact that I passionately disagree with his stance on the war in Iraq. I would vote for Ron Paul but he doesn't stand a rat's ass of a chance to win and a vote for MCCain is a vote against Romney who I really detest. The political commentator who said he looks and sounds like a guy who would ooze his way up to you, smiling his whitened tooth smile and say, "What's it gonna take to get you into a brand new BMW today?" was right on. Mitt Romney reminds me of the "Yes Man" doll my mother gave my ex husband one Christmas. Also reminds me a little of the Steve Carrel character on the TV show, The Office, too. Not too bright, clueless, and more than a little creepy. YUCK!

If I was a registered Democrat, I'd vote for John Edwards who also doesn't stand a rat's ass chance of winning. I'd vote for John because I don't have a clear preference for either Hillary or Obama and because I believe he really would fight the special interest folks and the big insurance bastards for us overburdened middle class people.

I like Mike Huckabee's stance on the Fair Tax, too but not his views on same sex marriage and gays. I'd vote for him over Romney, too. He also has the best sense of humor...and Chuck Norris on his side.

'Nuff politics. I feel a nap coming on so I'll stop after the history trivia bit.

On this day in history:

1547...Henry the Eighth of England dies, succeeded by his only son, Edward the VI

1915...the US Coast Guard is created under the Wilson administration official cease fire goes into effect in the Vietnam war

1986...the space shuttle Challenger explodes killing all seven crew members

Happy birthday to Alan Alda, Barbi Benton, Elijah Wood,.

Happy unbirthday to me

Live long and prosper.

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