Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Object of Chili's Affection

Behold Chili and her beloved 'Greenie'. Some dogs adopt baby animals from another species. Some dogs adopt an old sock or a squeaky toy or a stuffed animal. Not our ball obsessed Australian Cattle Dog. No sir. Chili is totally enamored of an emerald colored racket ball that apparently was in Danny's truck when he bought it back after Hurricane Charley killed his Buick.
Somehow, the ball rolled free of its hiding place after three years and Danny gave it to me to give to Chili several days ago. She hasn't let it out of her sight willingly ever since. Generally, 'Greenie' is in Chili's mouth. Barring that, it rests between her paws or in clear visual sight for instant retrieval.

The racket ball goes with Chili when she sleeps at the foot of the bed each night, stays in her mouth when she goes out to pee, and is carefully left by the front door when she goes out to walk. Now, Chili has lots of other toys: two Kongs, two super hard rubber balls, a crazy bouncy thing we call Knobby, as well as numerous bones. (She shreds and defluffs the usual soft doggie toys in a minute and a half so we don't give her those anymore.) Chili loses all her other toys under beds and sofas and outside in the yard with regularity. Out of sight, out of mind. She doesn't care what's gone as long as at least one toy is available to chew on, tease Ginny with, or retrieve. Not 'Greenie' though. You'd think the ball was her beloved puppy or something.

Well, tonight, near tragedy struck. 'Greenie' went MIA. Danny took Chili out in the yard to look for it. Alas, 'Greenie' was not found. All was not well in Chili's world! Then, Danny went to the fridge to get a cold drink. When he opened the door, Chili darted into the fridge, snatched something, and darted away. Yes, you no doubt guessed it. 'Greenie' had been in the refrigerator.

How so? I'd eaten some cold chicken leftovers from Saturday night about an hour before 'Greenie' went missing. When I put the chicken away, Chili must have dropped her ball inside the fridge while trying to get her head into the leftover pot roast she's been trying to snatch for two days. I didn't see and closed the door.

There is peace in the house again. Cold, well preserved 'Greenie' is now back in Chili's tender care none the worse for wear.

Live long and prosper.

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