Monday, March 3, 2008

Here's some recent pictures of Chilidog and Baby Alex and his proud parents. On to the Blog!

Hello Bloggers and Blog-ettes,

Sorry that I've been away from my desk in Blogland for a few days. I've had to take off my writing thinking cap. I've been busy wearing some other hats though: my hated dirty garage cleaner hat (think seven straight hours on Sunday), my estate executor hat (think tax forms and banking business) , and my helping hand hat (think helping a couple of nice young folks get their first apartment together by donating and hauling furniture across town.) Today, I had to wear my bill paying hat cause somehow March arrived without my noticing it...tomorrow, with luck I can get back to a little writing.

After I take poor Chilidog to the vet. She had two gran mal seizures over the week end. That's six that I know of in one month. Too many seizures! She had one Saturday night while sleeping on one of the wing chairs in my office. She fell off the chair during the seizure and hit the wood floor hard. I was afraid maybe she'd broken a leg, but she hadn't. A few minutes later, after Chili revived, I walked through the room and stepped into a big puddle of urine. More like a small pond, actually. She'd lost control before she fell off the chair, the urine leaked down into the side of the chair, through the bottom and on to the floor beneath where it began to spread outward. Danny and I got the floor cleaned and did what we could for the chair. I really don't know what to do to clean it ( the chair) properly. It's too good of a chair to throw out. Anyone who has positive suggestions, please make comment.

I read up on dog epilepsy on the net and I learned some things I didn't know before. She may also have a thyroid condition and severe food allergies. I've been putting off the standard prescribed Phenobarbital medication since it is habit forming and can damage the liver. It can also affect and be affected by allergy meds. Hence the trip to the vet. We gotta seek solutions to be fair to Chili and to us. I want to save the dog and the rugs and upholstery too!

Yeah, I know most people would just get rid of a problem dog. Not judging here, but those are people who have pets not dog people. If you are an average pet owner you may not understand. Let's just say for me, I could no more dispose of an inconvenient pet than an inconvenient human family member. Its not Chili's fault she's got epilepsy. She wouldn't abandon me for anything. I can't abandon her.

Live long and prosper. Oh by the way, I haven't actually been wearing hats...virtual or otherwise. I hate hats. I never wear real hats. They're hot and itchy and I look crappy in hats. All hats.

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