Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, go away. Hanna don't mess with Savannah

This is what Ginny and I do on those long, stormy days we've been having the last couple of weeks. I mean what else can you really do when its dark, and the rain relentlessly pounds down?
Watching the weather bulletins gets old, really old, really fast and watching the rising water level in the pool is unnerving. So, we get some extra ZZZs. Actually, the pup pictured above is not Ginny but a dog currently available for adoption from Curs, The Catahoula United Rescue Society. Cute hound isn't he? Looks like a big love bug.

So, Gustav is taking aim at New Orleans and the gulf coast three years after Katrina. None of us will forget Katrina, of course, and it looks like New Orleans is doing better to prepare this time. Still, how awful it is. I know I still have post traumatic stress syndrome from our nasty trio in 2004 which were not as deadly as Katrina. My prayers are with the people of the Gulf. We are getting some rain here from Gustav's outer bands I guess. Danny's draining some of the water Faye deposited in the pool out just in case. I'm going to the grocery to stock up on food n stuff too. Hanna is out there and may aim for the same part of Florida that Faye messed up.

Global warming? Natural cycles? I dunno. Awful either way. Anyway, it gets old real fast. And the mosquitoes are getting as big a pterodactyls and as mean as velociraptors. I am a mosquito magnet, too. Scratch, scratch...

Speaking of prehistoric critters, all you Sci Fi fans out there check out BBC America's new Saturday evening series, Primevil. Pretty good show, mates.

W're going up to Mt Dora to supper at some friends new house and tomorrow grilling at Laura's. Happy Labor day. Stay dry.

Ta for now.

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