Friday, April 10, 2009

the Easter Bunny Doesn't Stop here anymore

Another holiday weekend and I am feeling a little gloomy all the while remembering the Easters of my childhood: dyeing and then fiding hidden eggs in our back yard, a big Easter basket full of scrumptious chocolatly treats, a new stuffed furry bunny, new spring hat and coat and church followed by a banquet at Mammaw's with all the cousins running around helter skelter. Best of all no horrible school for a whole week.

Later, as an adult Easter was pretty similar with the eggs and bunnies and chocolate except that I got to watch and share the joy my kids were having. Dinner was generally at my house and I cooked for my parents and in-laws. Sometimes Easter was held at our beach house which was even better. But, that was in the last century. The kids are grown with little kids of their own and their own agendas which very seldom include me. They let me know several years back that they didn't enjoy what they saw as the big deal I made over holidays and wanted to cut the cord. They generally spend the holidays at in-laws or with their dad or friends creating new memories for themselves and their little ones. I get invited once in a while but not this year.

2009 Easter is just a day to remember to go to church: no chocolate bunnies or colored eggs, no happy children to watch, just Danny and me to cook dinner for. Now that we have the Parakeet, we can travel on future holidays which will be a new outlet for my enthusiasm. We weren't quite ready for an excursion this year only having got the bird two days ago, but bring on the Forth of July! I see a beach on the horizon.

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