Friday, April 10, 2009

facebook is stupid and other thoughts

Facebook is stupid. Yes, it is, really. You know it in your secret heart. The whole idea of social networking is superficial and just a way to waste time when you could actually be getting off your butt doing something productive, anything productive. Like work, taking a walk, Yoga, exercising, reading a book, cooking, learning something. Are we sitting alone at our PCS or on our phones typing away just being lazy, are we bored, are we boring?

Are people you've never met and whom you will never meet face to face really 'friends'? No, sir or ma'am, not in my book. A friend is somebody I like to go to the movies with or share a great dinner out with, wander through an art festival or walk on the beach with. Somebody I can laugh with, write with, learn from. A friend is somebody who went with me to adopt a dog, who drove me to the emergency room, who helped me move into my house or out of my house, who was there to console me during divorce and celebrate during the good times. Online people are not "there" in real space. They're bits n bytes not bodies. So, I don't care a twit about talking to folks I've never met on Facebook or on the even more limiting Twitter which I freely admit I just don't get the point of at all.

Unless you are Barak Obama or Stephen Hawking or Robin Williams or Neil Gaiman or Cesar Milan or Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet... somebody famous with an interesting life quite different from anything I can experience, frankly I don't really care what you are doing at precisely this moment. So, I guess you'd say I am not very tweet. Call me anti social if you like. Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn.

Maybe my dislike of Twitter is because I personally have great difficulty being brief. That is a skill I do not have. I am a writer after all. I revel in words. Wonderful words, lots and lots of words. Maybe that's why I rejected Journalism in college and went in for creative writing. Brevity is not my soul of wit. But, I digress. Back to Facebook.

I joined Facebook to keep up with the photos and doings of several young relatives and face to face friends. Even folks who live nearby I don't get to see very often, so I appreciate being able to check up on them via iPhone or computer. I didn't mean to get addicted to the damn thing. But I did. Even though Facebook is stupid. And I know it. But, I still check it even while walking the dog.

I meant to do something productive before I wrote this Blog but you know what I did? I spent forty, count em forty minutes on Facebook taking stupid quizzes. I now know which Muppet I am (Scooter), which decade I belong to (Glamorous 40s revolutionary), which Disney princess I am (Belle) , what musical comedy star I am (Toser), and which lord of the Rings character I resemble (Samwise). My dream job is bartender and I am a red sportscar. Wow, my life should be complete, eh? I have now reached an all time low in superficiality.

I might just as well stop typing and go over to the yeti penguin bashing game. Or maybe I will just go to bed. I'll say it again: Facebook is stupid and I won't won't check it again. Not until tomorrow anyway.

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