Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Really is a beach, or should be.

Hidey Ho Bloggers. We are back from our first beach week end in our new Winnebago RV. We went to Flagler Beach, midway between Daytona and St Augustine, because the closest Atlantic beaches to us (New Smyrna, Cocoa, and Daytona) are not dog friendly. Paws down to them! Flagler doesn't take much more than 90 minutes to get to anyway, as it is just over the Brevard county line past Ormand By The Sea. It is beautiful and not crowded, too. No big hotels or chain eateries. Just mom and pop seafood and pizza joints that are delightfullly beach tacky. Like Florida usta was and maybe should be again. We camped at an RV Park called Beverly Beach RV Resort which is literally right on the beach off A1A but for those who want to beach it with their pooches who don't have motor homes, there's a La Quinta in Daytona along A1A which is only about twenty minutes away as the gull flies.

This was Ginny and Abby's first time at the ocean and they were in doggie bliss. The smells, the surf, and chasing seabirds enthralled them. Ginny in particular hit lightspeed the minute she spotted a sandpiper. We all fell asleep to the sounds of the surf and crickets chirping with the seabreeze blowing through the Winnebago's windows and the skylight open to the stars. Divine.

St Augustine is just up the road about 25 miles and another time we will re-explore it. The dogs did great in the RV while we were in a seafood joint having supper. They each sat in a seat in the driving cab and watched for our return. Could have napped in the back on the sofa but they looked so cute like Ma and Pa Hound about to drive away. It was pretty balmy in the evening but we had open windows and skylights that the dogs couldn't jump through and three fans going inside the Winnebago for their comfort. If it had been hotter we would have turned on the built in generator and a/c. Never never leave your dogs in a hot car or van in Florida during the hotter months as they will die quickly.

Little Chili got left behind at the vets this time where she got treatment for her super bad allergies and skin infection. She had a doggy shampoo and pedicure, too. First thing she did when she got home was roll in the dirt in the back yard. Sigh. That's an Australian cattle Dog for you. They ain't prissy, mates.

Now, I'm doing beach laundry and dreaming of more sunlight days by the sea.


PS: Technically, dogs are supposed to be leashed on the beach but in the deserted parts we let them off to run and frolic. The have good vocal recall. Poop scooping is also required, so if you and your canine pals go to Flagler County beaches please be responsible so we can all enjoy the beaches for many years to come.

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