Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HAPPY EARTH DAY 2009. Did you know Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970? It may be we've made a little progress here and there in caring for Mother Earth since then, but we have also done serious damage in our greed and ignorance and have much to do to preserve the miracle that is Earth. Global warming is a fact whatever the cause and it is essential that our carbon footprints be reduced. This is the only planet we've got folks, please please do what you can to protect it! Lets hear it for living green, for solar and wind power, for reducing our dependence on oil, and for being responsible not wasteful.

On another subject, sort of, we're going to take our Winnebago (Millennium Parakeet) on her maiden flight to Flagler Beach this week end. I can't wait to camp out next to the surf with the sea sounds in my ears and the salt air cleansing my sinuses. Why Flagler? Because the friggin' poopheads in Volusia and Brevard counties won't allow dogs on the beach and Flagler does. Since Chili isn't a very good overnighter in an RV, we're looking into a boarding facility tonight for her. Its a place where dogs play all day with canine pals and sleep in rooms not cages. Hopefully this will work out. So, Ginny and Abby will get to walk on a beach for the very first time, and if they dare, run into the surf. Sea gulls, beware!


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