Friday, April 17, 2009

more dis n dat

Some recent pix: First, 'The Mutley Crew', relaxing on the family room sofa. Looking at the photo, I can see why some dog parkers have tagged them 'The Salt and Pepper Gang'. Ginny (center pooch) is back in Level Two Agility Training after four miserable weeks of us learning nothing at all in Level Three. We thought the class was going to be building on Level Two skills like refining trainer/handler techniques of running a course and learning how to send the dog out away from you etc. What we got was incomprehensible limited practice in actually doing a trial for titles, discouragement and confusion. We are so much happier with our three friendly helpful Level Two trainers and friendly helpful participants. The Level Three folks seem deadly serious about trials, titles, and talking only about their achievements and awards which is okay with me but I could care about competitions and points at this juncture. So, happy tails to them and Adios. We will miss pooches Tanner, Ozzie, Finnegan, and Cody and their owners who moved up with us and are apparently sticking it out, but last night's Level Two class was a happy positive experience which is what we...and Ginny...are looking for.

As you can see from the second photo, our yard is finally greening up again and some of the plants I feared were lost to Winter's unwanted freezes are blooming. Some of the Crotons and the small transplanted Magnolia tree did die as far as I can tell, but the rest are going to be fine. The third photo gives a real good sense of the Winnebago's bulk when you see it in the drive next to my widdle red Volvo!

This weekend promises to be busy with two Rollins Theatre related events and the Maitland Spring Art Festival, but after this one...the roads less taken or not taken as yet beckon. Can't wait to camp out in the Parakeet.

Live long and prosper.

PS I have now eaten the ears and ass off my chocolate bunny. Life is good.

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