Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve.

We had a lazy nappy sort of day. I had an ear ache and Danny had a head ache, so after the dog walks and lunch we crawled under the covers for an hour or with a heating pad and Danny with a dog. We emerged to get ready for a Christmas Eve church service. Or so we thought. I'd checked the church website for our friends little country church which plainly gave the service time as six. Seemed a bit early to me, but convenient for getting dinner afterwards. The plan was to have hot cocoa, cheese and crackers, go to church and then be home around seven thirty for turkey breast, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie.

Well, we arrived at the church at five forty only to see the time listed on the church sign as seven. Oops. Despite the cocoa and crackers snack we were feeling hungry: we're used to eating dinner by six every night. We decided to find someplace quick-ish but nice to grab a bite and go back for the service. No luck. Every place nearby was either closed or packed. So, we drove home. I opened a can of chicken soup, we had a bowl, and dashed back to the church...just in time to get a parking place and a good aisle seat.

We were home again by eight twenty. I had the planned dinner on the table by nine. Easy to cook a feast for two! We ate by candlelight next to the Christmas tree while watching our favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story. I never get tired of Ralphie and his Red Ryder air rifle passion, the major award leg lamp, the pink bunny suit, the Bumpus's dogs, and the Chinese Christmas turkey with the balls of harry serenade.

Tomorrow, Laura is coming for breakfast and gifts. Later we'll go a friends, then to Amy's house, finishing at Laura's for a Christmas steak dinner.

My very best wishes to everyone near and far for a wonderful Christmas. Peace on least for one Silent Night...good will to mankind and the animals, too. May no one be hungry or cold or afraid or in pain on this special night that we celebrate the birth of Christ. God Bless us every one!

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