Sunday, December 9, 2007


Hey Bloggers,
Here's some more pix of the house dolled up for the holidays. And the fully installed cook top. I love using it in its efficient pristine snow whiteness! (Unfortunately, as I discovered this morning, it is still possible to burn French toast on a state of the art Jenaire as on an old beat up unit.)

This afternoon, we're off to the Knights Templar Christmas party. Yesterday, I did some Christmas shopping and after dinner we went to the Mac Rae Group Artists Holiday Open House. This is a cool annual happening where 22 artists who rent working space in a local warehouse open their studios for the night showcasing and selling their art. Danny and I know most of them from our years on the board of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival and always enjoy the event.

We had two couples meet us at our house and since parking is so awful at the Mac Rae event and we only live several blocks away, Danny and I had the bright idea to walk over. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention it to one couple who arrived in party shoes and without jackets. The wife was, understandably, not pleased. Her husband afffably borrowed a flannel shirt to wear as a jacket from husband number two since they were about the same size and we were off on an iffy adventure. It was very dark out which didn't bother Danny and me who are used to walking that same route almost nightly with the dogs.

Next, since we were walking, I decided not to take my purse, completely forgetting that I'd planned to look for something for Laura's Christmas. So, I couldn't buy anything. Shopping rule 101: when you forget your wallet, you always see lots of way desirable, reasonably priced stuff.

We almost immediately lost track of both couples at the Open House which was crowded and chaotic. After about an hour, we reconnected with both...the party shoes lady wanted to leave, but nobody else did. So, I suggested I walk her and her husband back to my house and everybody else stay put. I planned to fetch my car and purse and drive back. Of course, when I got home, the other couple's car was in my drive, blocking my car in the garage. So, I hitched a ride back with the party shoes lady sans purse, since I didn't want to walk back alone in the dark without dog power for protection.

While looking for my group, I was found by party shoes lady who went home and drove back with the borrowed shirt that her husband had forgotten to take off! I eventually found Danny but not couple number two who thought we'd left and walked back to my house where we weren't. The entire night was a comedy of errors. I'd also forgotten to tell couple number two that couple number one was joining us in the first place.

Maybe its just the Christmas season that throwing me off, but I wonder what else I'm forgetting? Hopefully, nothing. Maybe I better go check that I've paid all the December bills. Ta Ta for now.

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