Thursday, December 13, 2007

ho ho ho

Hello Holly jolly bloggers,
Here are some more seasonal pictures. The first is yet another living room shot. Are you yawning yet? Well, several folks have commented that I have trees in pretty much every room except the living room, so I did another small one as there was no room in the inn for a big one. You can see it (the tree) next to the secretary desk if you squint.

The other photos are 'The Snowflake Sisters', aka Chili, Ginny Lou Whoo, and Abby.

I'm pretty well ready for my party this week end. That is, I'm organized. The house is about as decked with boughs of you know what as it can get. The pool deck was pressure cleaned and re epoxied today. The maids come to clean tomorrow. I went shopping for the bulk of the party food today and miracle of all miracles, managed to squeeze it into the fridge and freezer. I still have to get some turkey, wine and beer, and clean the pool furniture (volunteering here Danny now that your exams are done and you got straight As?) Tomorrow I will iron the tablecloth for the dining room table and set out all the buffet serving things. Saturday I will make the cocktail meatballs, the sugar and gingerbread cookies, the spinach dip, etc. Sunday I set up the bar on the porch, get ice for the coolers (Danny hopefully volunteering again here) and do the rest of the food prep. I'm expecting somewhere between 40 and 50 people. Fun!!

This was Danny's semester final exams week. He took his last tonight. As I mentioned, he got As on all four. Congrats, honor student. In between studying and taking exams, Danny accompanied me to the Theater Guild Christmas party on Monday night and the Art Festival Christmas party last evening. Today I went to a holiday luncheon. I'm so glad I stopped renovating for the month of December so I can enjoy all these activities!

Here's a little Christmas poem I wrote awhile back.

The Promise
By Nancy Wayman Deutsch, 2004

Long years ago and faraway
a humble child was born
in stable rude, near Bethlehem
on that first Christmas morn.

Watched over by the animals
and shepherds in the fields
while angels sang in Heaven
as God's promise was revealed.

Three wise men sought to find the child
led by a brilliant light
though great princes never noticed
man's world had changed that night.

A carpenter and teacher
Heaven's chosen messenger
he taught God's word in parables
one truth for all to share.

His life was not an easy one
he wore a crown of thorns
he died, in pain, on wooden cross
so ridiculed and scorned.

Betrayed by friends he trusted
he nearly lost his faith
yet showed us life eternal
God's mercy and His Grace.

On Christmas we remember
God's gift of holy son.
No man should hate another
all people love as one.

The angels sing on Christmas Eve
as they sang at Christ child's birth,
"A blessing on each one of you.
Let there be peace on earth."

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