Sunday, December 23, 2007

Silent Night

I know this is a day early, but I'm going to be busy tomorrow with church and stuff. Readers of my story, The real Santa Claus, from the book Florida Shorts, do you recognize the mailbox? Yes, there is a Santa Claus. And there was, is, a real 'Annie Wagner'. God bless.


Felt stockings hang from mantle piece
with chocolate treats and oranges round,
outside the windows, snowflakes fall
on weary shoppers, homeward bound.

Upon the rug, stuffed teddy bear,
some presents wrapped in red and green,
foil paper catching candle’s glow
near Nana’s treasured manger scene.

Bisque angel smiles atop the tree
surveying trimmings strung beneath
candy canes striped white and red
hung just above, a small child’s reach.

Tiny lights of amber pulse
flashing on each golden row
of garland, stars, and crystal globes
draped across, pine boughs below.

Above the door hangs mistletoe.
The parents kiss, then leave the room.
Past time, they know, for slumbering
beneath this magic, Christmas moon.

Few hours yet, till early morn
when child shall wake, then rush to find
with puppy yapping at her heels,
gifts Santa Claus, has left behind.

Nancy Wayman Deutsch
November 2004

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